Workforce Change: Building NextGen Success PDF Print E-mail

Leading workforce change could be the most important thing you will ever do for your company!

Your workforce is changing...

and will continue to change. You can either lead that change for success, or chase after it… just to keep the doors open.

Older workers are beginning to wind down their careers; younger workers need to be mentored and new workers need to be brought into the company, and engaged.

Replacing experienced workers will NOT be an easy task. The next generation is composed of 10 million FEWER warm bodies. The competition to just fill slots may very well wreak havoc on wages and accelerate turnover as the “star system” begins to encourage top employee poaching.

Your Choices:

  1. Lead the change, and move your business forward;

  2. Resist it because you don’t want change; or

  3. Ignore it and hope your own watch will be over soon and you won’t have to deal with it. (The problem with ignoring it? Changes WILL have to happen before you can retire, so you WILL have to deal with them.)

HOW you deal with change will determine if your company will thrive or just survive (at least for a while).